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Muscle building is a matter of proper nutrition, exercise and recovery. Supplements may not be a substitute, but they can give you a distinct advantage. At Undisputed Laboratories you can buy the best supplements for muscle building. From many years of know-how in nutrition & training, our fitness experts have put together the best muscle building supplements from our online shop for strength athletes and bodybuilders. We are your experienced fitness partner to support your muscle building training and your diet. Heavy and intense strength training are the key, if you want to build muscles. Just as a beginner, pay attention to a proper and clean technique. Concentrate to hit the correct muscle. Give your muscles the opportunity to grow and watch for sufficient regeneration.

The 2 cornerstones of the diet to build muscle are sufficient calorie surplus and high enough intake of high quality protein. If you want to build muscle, you should eat more calories daily than your body needs. This calorie surplus should be about 300-500kcal. Athletes should eat 2g of protein per kg of body weight. For those who regularly work with their muscles in training and these calls has increased protein requirements.

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