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No supplement brupts as much ambiguity as the best pre-workout. In the last years, there come so many brands on the booster market with much diverse ingredients. Every suppplements manufactor promises that his Pre-Workout is the best all over the world. It’s about energy, focus, pump, power and of course strenghts. But there are differences and we tell you. It can be really difficult to find the right pre-workout for you and your kind of workout. No problem, we bring you the right view, for what you want and which pre-workout is right for you.  First, let’s explain what a pre-workout is. A pre-workout is a special supplement that you take before training. Depending on the purpose, need and even training time we differentiate, if we want to recommend you the best Pre-Workout.


How can you find the best Pre-Workout?

What is the effect of a pre-workout?

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Pump
  • Strength


Which kind of Pre-Workout does exist?

To find the best pre-workout for you, you should first know the differences. Not every pre-workout is suitable for every athlete.


Booster with Stimulants

Oh yeah, we all love them, the awesome boosters with the stimulants that push very close to the limit of legality. Frequently, these pre-workouts contain substances that dock to the same receptors as amphetamine and act like that. The supllement market had to keep looking for new ingredients to give its fans the much-anticipated kick. Numerous new active ingredients came and went. But that does not mean that there are no good hardcore boosters left on the market. Unfortunately, a disadvantage of these rocket strikers is that you can not sleep very well during a late night workout, and a bad night’s sleep is the worst thing you can do to your muscles.


Pump Booster

A pump booster is, as the name implies a booster, which is primarily about the pump. The pump is the most sought after feeling in our beloved iron sport and is almost addictive. When we talk about a pump, we are talking about the muscle being very well supplied with blood and looking strong and pumped up. In addition to the sexy look, a good pump and more blood-flowed muscle has another advantage. The more blood that flows through the muscle cells, the more nutrients, e.g. amino acids can be stored. This also increases the muscle building. The advantage of having a pure power and pump booster is that you can sleep in the evening after training.


Radical Riot 2

radical riot

+ Extreme Energy

+ Strong Focus


Undisputed Pre-Workout Booster


+ More muscle endurance due to lactate inhibitor

+ Extreme Focus


Undisputed Pump

undisputed pump

+ Extreme Pump, Strength and Vascularity

+ You can sleep even after a workout in the evening



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