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Ok Bro, you want to finally present your hard work this summer and impress with razor-sharp muscles? Then we have just the right thing for you here. 5 tips to get shredded this summer and you’ll finally be able to show off your long-awaited goddamn six pack on the beach and without the loss of your laboriously built up muscle mass. Learn how to eat, how to train and what else to look for to get shredded this summer. This time you will succeed for sure. What are you waiting for? Stop being chubby, let´s get shredded.


5 tips to get shredded this summer

  1. Avoid processed Food
  2. Protein up, carbs and fat down
  3. Choose your training wisely
  4. Use Supplements smart
  5. Stay cool

1.Avoid processed Food

You probably already know this rule too well and even if you should not stuff too much junk food into the bulk, it’s even more important in your cutting season. Forget about processed finished products and prepare your meals yourself or have them prepared for you by your friend, sister or sister. That’s the only way you have complete control over what gets into your new astral body and your meals are not stuffed with sugar, too many unhealthy fats and salt.


2. Protein up, carbs and fat down

In order to protect your muscles from loss and to support your success in purchasing, you should increase the protein and reduce the carbs and fat.

A good average for the macronutrient distribution is:

  • Protein: 2 g/kg body weight
  • Carbohydrates: 4 g/kg body weight
  • Fat: 1 g/kg body weight

Clean lean protein, complex carbohydrates and high-quality fats are the key to your summer body.
Chicken, turkey, beef, bison, seafood and lean fish are the best sources of protein. The long-lasting carbohydrates you get from brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal and buckwheat. For the fats, you can reach for avocados, nuts, seeds and seeds
A word in advance of the rice. Usually brown rice is always preferable to white rice. The brown rice contains much more vitamins and minerals. The white rice in turn has a dehydrating effect. If you are in the final stages of your get shredded program, you should definitely resort to white rice. Basmati and jasmine rice are particularly well suited and taste particularly good.


3. Choose your training wisely

Unfortunately, being shredded is not quite as easy as if you just want to lose weight. In any ill-conceived diet, the body not only loses fat but also water, and what’s even worse is muscle mass. The Anabolic Devil is the nightmare of every bodybuilder and fitness model. How do you prevent that? Give your muscles a reason to stay and not feel redundant. In other words, they still need hard training with heavy weights. Since you are not so well supplied with nutrients because of your diet, how else do you have to be careful. Otherwise, injuries can easily occur during this phase.


Cardio to get shredded

There is hardly no athlete who can get shredded without cardio. Still, you should not overdo it. Already many athletes have been toning off valuable muscle mass. Watch your body closely and how it reacts. If you see that you are getting too thin and we are not talking about losing fat here, you should screw down your cardiopense. One more word to exercise soberly. Because here often divorced the spirits. In a round table with 11-time Mr. Olympia contestant Dennis James and numerous successful fitness models and physique athletes, such as four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jeremy Buendia, Sadik Hadzovic and now unfortunately defeated Greg Plitt, the majority for Cardio was sober stomach pronounced. This may mean early in the morning after getting up, but also immediately after weight training. Vary between long stretches in your ideal personal fat burning pulse with brutal interval training.


4. Use Supplements smart

That you avoid weight gainers and too many fast carbohydrates while get shredded, seems logical. However, there are a number of supplements to help you lose weight.



Fat Burner

A fat burner gives you the energy you need while your body slowly but surely releases its reserves. Our Fatboy Killa also helps you to keep your appetite under control.



One of the absolute secret weapons against stubborn body fat is Yohimbine HCL. Yohimbine is also a remedy that is used in erectile dysfunction, but at the same time a fierce fat loss machine.



BCCA stands for a group of amino acids consisting of leucine, isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids are said to have a particularly powerful effect when it comes to building muscle, however also about the protection against muscle loss, especially Leucin. Another great advantage is that they are directly available to the muscles and not metabolized by the liver.  Take BCAAs in the morning, right after getting up, they provide the perfect muscle protection for your cardio on an empty stomach.



Tribulus is a herbal testosterone booster. The hormone is not only essential for muscle building, but also at the same time involved in fat loss and a hard look. Incidentally, our Libidogen Man and Libidogen Woman contain tribulus and at the same time other highly effective agents that are suitable for fat loss. This is just not a really fantastic sex booster, it´s also a perfect fat burner.


Whey protein

Of course a good whey protein is indispensable during the definition phase. Alone for the fast supply of lean protein. Be careful not to consume too much. Because solid food will always keep you more than liquid calories.


Vitamins and Minerals

Your body is on a low profile during this time. He needs the vital micronutrients to recover and sustain vital processes in the body. Attack best to a combination preparation.


5. Stay cool

Just like when you build muscles it is also essential to get shredded. Sufficient sleep, well-thought-out recovery time for each trained muscle and as little stress as possible help you to keep stress hormones such as cortisol low. Stress hormones prevent your body from losing fat and worse, they destroy muscle mass.
An inference to your mood at this time. An extremely low body fat content is and remains an unnatural condition for your body. Still, that’s no justification for behaving like a seldom stupid asshole. Inform your immediate environment best in advance what you plan to do and apologize best in advance, if you should react irritated. Do not take everything on the gold scale and try to deal with the beautiful things in life.



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